We are a team of five UCL BASc students that share an interest in objects and the way they interact with  society.  The exhibition is the outcome of collaboration and distribution of tasks. Team members were responsible for:

Konstantina Vardavoulia, Maria Zielinska – conceptual side of the exhibition, the coherency of all objects with the theme;

Lawrence Wilson, Varsha Shankar – digital design and layout of the website;

Ruby Harrop – Ethical considerations.

All team members – content for individual pages, content for other pages, overall website structure, wider reading research.


Also we want to thank the curators of the UCL Collections for all their help and support:

Andrea Fredericksen, Art Museum

Delphine Mercier, Ethnography Collection

Ian Carroll, Archeology Collection

Subhadra Das, Pathology Collection 

Suzanna White,  Bioanthropology  Collection


We hope that exploring the exhibition was an insightful and engaging experience. We recommend to return here in the future, to track the progress of the discussion in the comments section.


Terms of Release

All members of the group freely give their consent for this website to be published. License reserves all rights. 

It is recommended that the work is cited in the following manner.

Protected/ Protector. 2019. Year 2  undergraduate project for Objects Lesson module of UCL BASc. Available at: https://reflect.ucl.ac.uk/2018-basc0004-group9/