Taking part

How to get involved

Get involved as a…

  • WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT – We are inviting UCL students and members of the faculty, from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, to participate in these collaborative and intellectually stimulating workshops. To participate it is mandatory to fill in our consent form (link below) before attending your first workshop.
  • IDEA CONTRIBUTOR – If you can’t attend one or more of our workshops you can also send us your comments or think pieces by emailing stnvtbo@ucl.ac.uk. To take part in this way, you will also need to fill in the consent form (link below) so we can receive your permission to use the content you provided in discussions and publications.
  • SPECTATOR – If you don’t have capacity to attend the workshops or get involved in running the project, but you are interested in its development and findings, make sure to sign up to our newsletter for monthly progress reports, by emailing stnvtbo@ucl.ac.uk.

To participate…

  • Put your name down by registering to attend one of our workshops or ask to take part by emailing stnvtbo@ucl.ac.uk.
  • Fill in the mandatory CONSENT FORM before attending your first workshop. You only need to fill in the form once. Carefully read the information under each section as it is important for you to know how we plan on using your details and the information you provide.

Inspired by our project? Not able to join us for our workshops discussions? Send us your thoughts and comments in a short think piece and we may incorporate them in our discussions and final report. 

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