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Project timeline

Schedule of Project and Workshops

**Please note the revised timeline**

Sign up to attend one or more of the following workshops following the respective registration links below. You can also add your comments or think pieces by emailing stnvtbo@ucl.ac.uk.

Remaining Workshops:

  • Fri, 1 Oct, 10am-12pm: 4th WorkshopAims and learning outcomes in education (including a discussion on types of curriculum and role of assessment) – Registration link for the 4th Workshop.
  • Date TBC 5th & FINAL WorkshopRe-designing education, not retrofitting (including the opportunity cost of including or excluding aspects of education and highlighting tensions between system components). This will also be a wrap-up of our project and a short presentation will be included to review all themes covered in the previous sessions – Registration link for the FINAL Workshop (coming soon).

Previous workshops

  • Thu, 3 June, 10am-12pm: LAUNCH WorkshopPresentation of project scope and concepts (including sandbox approach & systems thinking theories).
  • Thu, 24 June, 10am-12pm: 2nd Workshop – ‘Purpose’ in designing an Educational System (including the role of school in contemporary society and stakeholder analysis).
  • Thu, 22 July, 10am-12pm: 3rd WorkshopChild-centrism (their needs; internal & external factors to the learning process, etc), personalised education trends and chaos theory applied to education.

We’ve also prepared an FAQ page with queries raised during our discussions. We will be expanding the list as more queries come in.

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