Taking part

About the LAUNCH Workshop

Launch Workshop

The first workshop will take place on Thu, 3 June, 10am-12pm.

Register to attend through this Eventbrite link.

How we propose to run the LAUNCH Workshop:


  • We would like to ask you to flick through our material in the ‘Our Inspiration‘ section before attending the workshop. This will familiarise you with ideas and theories from fields outside your own which may be relevant to our discussion on education.

Section 1: Intro

  • In the first 10 min we shall be going through context, aims and objectives of the conversation
  • Followed up by 20 min of introductions and opening statements. It is relevant to the workshop discussion what make-up of professional and personal backgrounds we have represented around the table.

Section 2: Sandbox Approach

  • 10 min presentation on applying a Sandbox Approach to existing project.
  • 20 min interactive group discussion reflecting on the opportunities of applying such concepts to education
  • short 10 min break to stretch our legs

Section 3: Intro to Systems Thinking 

  • 10 min presentation on Systems Thinking theory.
  • 30 min interactive group discussion on the value of using Systems Thinking in thinking differently about education.

Section 4: Wrapping up

  • 5 min for concluding remarks and next steps

We are taking an Agile methodology approach to running this project, meaning that we are aiming to learn and adjust course as we go through our activities. Similarly, we plan on trialling structure of workshops, duration and prep ahead of discussions through this first meeting. So your feedback will be important to securing a better experience for the participants, with every workshop we hold.