About the project

Designing Education is a UCL ChangeMakers project that proposes a series of collaborative workshops between students and faculty members to learn about compulsory educational systems through deconstruction and simulating designing one.

The project will be delivered in a series of 5 themed workshops online where both faculty members and students will be brainstorming the components of an educational system, the role of stakeholders in the design and the theoretical basis underpinning the exercise (e.g. systems theory, behavioural science insights, cognitive psychology, design theories, learning theories, purpose of education, etc).

The aim is to provide students with a learning opportunity complementary to their studies and to provide our faculty members with a fertile testing ground for potential synergies between well-established ideas in academia.

Schedule of Project and Workshops – check them out in our Project Timeline post


ChangeMakers is one way that the University College London supports staff-student partnership work. It aims to do so by offering funding for departments and faculties to work on educational enhancement projects with their students. Find out about the programme on the UCL website.

UCL ChangeMakers is about collaboration and innovation to enhance the UCL learning experience. Students and staff work together to make changes for the benefit of everyone in the UCL community.

It’s a win-win for all! Students undertaking the projects become more engaged, responsible and pro-active learners – students with a stronger sense of belonging; departments gain the expertise and enthusiasm of students motivated to help make positive change at UCL; and both learn from the experience of working with the other in a relationship of trust, equality and mutual gain.

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What are we trying to do through our ‘Designing Education’ project?

The main aims of this exercise are to:

  • Bring togetherthe community of UCL students and faculty members around the timeless topic of education
  • Create knowledge transfer opportunities betweenUCL students and faculty members through intellectual exercises.
  • Offer a complementary learning experience for students for their studies and career aspirations.

The main goals are for students to:

  • Have the space toexchange ideas with faculty members from the IOE, who are experts in their respective
  • Complement their theoretical learning with the application of knowledge in a purpose-led way.
  • Achieve deeper understanding of the field of education and its challenges through discourse and simulation.

At the end of the project we will be published a ‘toolbox for innovative thinking’ for students and faculty to encapsulate the views gathered during the workshops and to provide them access to a range of thinking tools useful in dealing with complex social problems, such as those encountered in the field of education.