Our inspiration

Here is a list of ideas from outside the field of education that we could use to inform the discussion during the workshops:

  • Sandbox Exercises (discussed during LAUNCH workshop)
  • Systems Thinking (discussed during LAUNCH workshop)
  • Design Thinking (discussed during the 2nd workshop, on Thu, 24 Jun)
  • 21st Century Challenges (discussed during 2nd workshop on Thu, 24 Jun)
  • Chaos Theory of Change (discussed during the 3rd workshop on Thu, 22 Jul)
  • Instructional Design (coming soon – ahead of 4th workshop, 16 Sep)
  • Perspectives on Mental Health in Education (coming soon – ahead of 4th workshop, 16 Sep)
  • Behavioural Science (coming soon)
  • Agile Project Management Methodology (coming soon)
  • Lean 6 Sigma Methodology (coming soon)
  • Theory of Change (coming soon)
  • Change Theory (coming soon)

We expect this list to grow over time.

We’ve also prepared an FAQ page with queries raised during our discussions.