Using Wiseflow to support administration in Natural Sciences

Using Wiseflow to support administration in Natural Sciences

AssesmentUCL was mandated for centrally managed exams in 2021-22 but is optional for all other assessments.

The Digital Assessment Team have collaborated with a number of academic units to support both widescale adoption of Wiseflow and smaller scale ‘pilots’ that have been intended to build up local knowledge and understanding of the potential of the platform.

Rebecca SpencerThe platform has many administrative benefits including the ability to upload marks direct to the UCL SITS/Portico student information system.

In the following case study Rebecca Spencer, Natural Sciences Programme manager, talks about how they have been using AssessmentUCL (Wiseflow) for the Natural Sciences literature project module. AssessmentUCL has proved to be a useful administrative tool in managing markers on the assessment.


What we did and why

The Natural Sciences literature project module equips students with the experience and skills necessary to undertake and present their own critical review in a scientific field of study. Students identify and develop a review topic in consultation with UCL academics. They then interrogate appropriate research databases using search terms to find relevant literature and critically assess the literature and make judgements about research quality. During this period they develop a professional researcher-researcher relationship with a supervisor and write a fully referenced review describing a research topic.

Naturally there are multiple question themes and there are over 100 supervisors involved in marking. Rebecca and her team have to co-ordinate the markers, who mark using a standard rubric. There are different deadlines for individual students to upload submissions and for supervisors to mark by. Wiseflow allows this flexibility around individual timelines and assessment periods.

While the first year of using the platform brought some challenges the team have found the second year of use to be more straightforward as they build confidence.