Lianna Bamberg, Steward C. Lee, David Blundred, Masuda Khanom, Sarah Lawson, Michael Moutoussis, Caroline Selai

10 minute talk

Background: Given the timing of the first lockdown in the UK (March 2020), many of our Taught Masters students (2019/20) had to modify significantly their main research or switch to a different project altogether. Students were invited to document the impact of the pandemic by inserting an ‘impact statement’ into the acknowledgements section of their project dissertation.
Aims: (i) To review and analyse using qualitative techniques, the Impact Statements added to all main MSc/MRes research projects submitted in the academic year (2019/20) (ii) to supplement this analysis with 4 case studies.

Methods: Using qualitative techniques, two of the authors (LB+CS) analysed the Impact Statements and extracted the key themes. Four case studies will also be presented: (i) an international student from Taiwan (SCL) (ii) staff who supported students with mental health difficulties (CS+MM) (iii) staff from QSIoN Library (SL) and (iv) staff from the QSIoN Education Team (DB+MK).

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