Stephen E. Potts (contributions from Mike Kelly, Jadranka Butorac; Chemistry)

Asynchronous Submission

A key point in fourth-year chemistry calendar is the Symposium for Advanced Research Projects in Chemistry (SARPIC), which takes place annually in May. SARPIC typically comprises up to two days of seminars in which the final-year students present their work from the past six months. These presentations are marked by staff and provide credit for their project module. The unwelcome appearance of COVID-19 last year forced the remaining teaching of 2019/20 online and SARPIC was no exception. The symposium usually takes place in lecture theatres and is open to all, so the challenge faced was to try to replicate this experience online with as little detriment to students as possible, including pre-recording of presentations and providing extra student support. Overall, moving online was well received by the students and staff. In this presentation, we will discuss the challenges faced and make recommendations for carrying out similar teaching online.

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