Sandra Lusk, Sophie Keresztes, Tim Young (contributions from Abbie King, (UCL Arena Centre)

10 minute talk

The Student Reviewers of Teaching Practice programme brings staff and students together in reflective dialogue about the staff member’s teaching practice. UCL has run Student Reviewers of Teaching Practice every academic year since 2016/17, leading to staff-student dialogue and impacting numerous courses and contributing to a culture of partnership.

‘Partnership reminds us of the shared goals of teaching and learning, inextricably linking learners and educators.’ (Matthews, 2016, Student Engagement in Higher Education Journal, 1(1) p2)

The programme develops both staff and students, brings staff and students together with a shared goal of enhancing teaching & learning practices and is embedded in UCL’s Quality Review Framework as Peer Dialogue; Option C of the academic manual.

We will present a retrospective analysis of the first 5 years of this programme at UCL, showcasing successes and challenges and reflect on our plans as we look ahead to expand into the post-COVID future.

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