Manjula Patrick, Natasha Wilcock, On Ki Choi, Amy York/Jennifer Whitney (DCAL)

45 minute discussion

In 2020, a 3-day residential event transformed to a remote experience. Asynchronous content delivered as a self-directed ‘short course’, with live sessions for discussion and Q&A.
Challenges included:
-Multiple presenters, creating accessible asynchronous content, and using this to create an engaging short course.
-For live sessions, meeting safeguarding and accessibility requirements within the limitations of technology.
-Complexities for students accessing asynchronous/synchronous sessions on different platforms, further affected by digital resources in their home environments.
-Safeguarding prevented any interaction between students – the key issue with Discover 2020.
Discover 2021 will run in a similar format to 2020. The issues from 2020 are clear, the Discover team are exploring solutions, we will reveal more in our session.

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