Gil Myers, Alison Sturrock, Victoria Clausen-Thue, Paula Raftery, Taylor Bennie: (UCL Medical School)

10 minute talk

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in academic year 19/20, we were unable to run practical assessments and could only hold remote online assessments. This meant that we needed to replace our assessments, which combine assessments of applied knowledge with observed communication skills and practical procedures, with ones that could be delivered remotely. These assessments needed to maintain the academic standards of summative assessments on which to base progression decisions.

We will present our experiences of holding a virtual OSCE (practical exam), the challenges of online proctored SBA papers, and other online adaptations.

We will reflect on our experiences and offer an insight into the process, the pitfalls and the planning necessary to implement these adaptations into the existing curriculum either as a formative or summative assessment.

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