Nicole Estwick, Isobel Powell, Ash Talwar (UCL Careers and UCL Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)

Asynchronous Submission

Racial inequalities came to light more than ever in the last year. Recognising that anti-racism should not be an agenda pushed by those from ethnic minorities alone, UCL Careers established a group to bring racial equity to the core of everyone’s work.

In this presentation we provide an overview of our actions to date working with UCL’S EDI team to increase the visibility of race equity issues and aide our colleagues learning.

We will cover how we used a framework developed by UCL’s EDI team to initially address racial inequality and how we adapted this in recognition of local challenges, our collaboration with different teams within the department, work we are doing in areas such as recruitment and how we are amplifying the voices of diverse groups in our work. Finally, we will share insights into how other departments can develop their own roadmap for making progress on racial equity.

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