Dr Rikke Duus (School of Management )

10 minute talk

In this presentation, I will introduce my concept the ‘3Cs of Async’ and explain how academic faculty can take on the roles of Creator, Curator and Connector (the 3Cs). This approach can assist colleagues in the planning, design and development of async-led course material, including audio, video and interactive features, and align with online live sessions to ensure engagement and relevance. I will share how I selected specific digital tools and software (including Mural, Canva, Strategyzer, Excel, Wix, iMovie and QuickTime) that I used to edit and produce the async video material and create collaboration and interaction in live sessions.

In January 2021, I had an article accepted by Harvard Business Publishing about the ‘3Cs of Async’ and how this approach can drive student engagement and learning:
Duus, R. (2021) Develop More Impactful Asynchronous Course Material. Harvard Business Publishing Education. January. Access here: https://hbsp.harvard.edu/inspiring-minds/develop-more-impactful-asynchronous-course-material.

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