Ryan Grammenos (Electronic and Electrical Engineering)

10 minute talk

This presentation will talk about what we “learned about learning” in the current climate, and the need for and value of collaboration between staff and students. The talk will draw on the experience of running a cross-disciplinary project across two departments for over 400 first-year students while coordinating 18 members of staff and postgraduate teaching assistants. It will discuss the challenges encountered in bringing a 100% hands-on, physical and team-based project online with students dispersed literally around the globe. Issues “we didn’t know…we didn’t know” and the “human factors” we took for granted, yet which pan out very differently in an online, remote learning environment, will be addressed. Overcoming this challenge required us to reach out to a specific circle of students who acted as the “bridge” between staff and their fellow students. The talk will wrap up with lessons learned and how we might do things differently in future.

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