Samir Nuseibeh (Biochemical Engineering)

10 minute talk

Traditionally, one of the main areas of complaint from student cohorts is the quality of feedback they receive on their coursework with many suggesting that written feedback is often meaningless and impersonal. There is an increasing amount of data in the literature to support the idea of moving away from written style feedback and provide more informative feedback through the medium of video (which is capable of providing both auditory and visual cues to the student). Video style feedback comes in a few different forms, but all have been shown to strengthen the student-marker relationship with a high level of acceptance for both students and staff. This academic year, a “combination screencast” feedback technique was used to provide feedback to students taking BENG0084 (a PG module) for all of their assignments. This presentation will discuss the logistics of carrying out such a task and some initial responses from the students in terms of what they thought of it.

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