Mark Kristiansen (contributions from Paola Niola) (Genetics and Genomic Medicine, GOSICH)

5 minute talk

This presentation will focus on how the use of a creative interactive assessment enhances student participation and engagement throughout the module and beyond. A major aim of this module is to equip students with critical key transferable skills that apply to real life scenarios, particularly in the life sciences. The presentation will provide an overview of the interactive assessment structure for Applied Genomics module and its benefits to both the student and educator. The implementation of the interactive component of this module assessment has significantly improved communication between students from multiple disciplines and has created an inclusive workspace for all. This method of assessment has further empowered the student to engage, discuss and challenge during the personalised feedback sessions for this module, has significantly increased knowledge transfer and hence student marks, and has provided students with a forward thinking skill set that can be applied throughout their programme.

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