Ellie Bates, Janina Dewitz, David Perez-Suarez, Tom Olney (contributions from Kitty Ho) (cross-UCL collaboration)

45 minute discussion

During this session we will present three case studies, showcasing serious games developed at UCL. Each game has been developed for a different teaching context and utilising different software. We will explore the issues that we encountered developing games independently and the possibilities that establishing a formal special interest group presents for skills sharing, play testing and critical feedback.
Utilising the discussion format, we will explore how and why colleagues from across UCL might develop games for learning, how a formal group and network might support members in their game development and how best to share skills and knowledge when designing and building games.
The session will be facilitated by members of the newly established Game-Play-Learn group, founded following the discovery of a shared interest at UCL #LearnHack 2020.

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