Henry Lancashire, Pilar Garcia-Souto, Eve Hatten, Prabhav Reddy. (contributions from Rebecca Yerworth, Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering)

10 minute talk

UCL’s Biomedical Engineering degree includes laboratory and group project work throughout the four year programme. We will discuss some different approaches taken across the programme, this year, from on-site socially distanced labs in term 1, to virtual simulated experiments and home kits with Zoom support sessions.
Challenges included providing spaces and opportunities for student interactions, including hands on learning, and ensuring equitable access. We will discuss positive experiences including collaboration across entire classes and students engaging their families with their work and achievements.
We are considering what changes must be made to future in-person labs to allow for students with less, or different, hands on experience, and what we would do differently for future socially distanced and/or remote delivery.

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