Hannah Timlin, Marcus Pedersen (Brain Sciences)

5 minute talk

We will discuss how we created a dynamic and accessible digital resource that will continue to grow each year using software available to us. This method can be a part of anyone’s digital pedagogy.

With a rapid shift online our practical course needed a dramatic redesign. We thought ‘how do we incorporate digital technology so to make the course more engaging for our students?’

Early in the year I had a designed an interactive video using H5P after the learning technologist showed me how it use the tool. I then had the idea that if students could also use H5P to create a suite of interactive videos then each year we would have 20 more videos for students to learn from. Therefore I enlisted the learning technologist to set up a space so my idea could come into fruition.

In a short 5 minute presentation we will show you how to set up this resource for your class and discuss student feedback.

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