Group Answers

Students work in small groups to agree on answers – when tests are returned or in other situations.

The process of agreeing should include rasoning over the validity of the consensus answer, as well as reasoned negation of misconceptions or wrong answers.

See: Team based learning

Example instructions for students:

Having prepped independently for class, you’ll be individually tested. Then, in small groups you will collaborate on the same test, benefiting from reasoning with your peers and their feedback along with your tutor’s. 

Why use it (students and staff)

  • Deepens learning as students need to explain their arguments to others ; 
  • Reflect on their understanding 

When to use it

  • During a session
  • Between sessions 

Digital tools that might be used

  • Mentimeter
  • Breakout rooms (Zoom, BB Collaborate, MS Teams)
  • Moodle Chat
  • Moodle forums

Speed of set up time 

2 to10 minutes 


  • Create / facilitate grouping 
  • Devise questions 
  • Create quiz / discussion forum 

Other resources

Group choice – for student group selection 

Examples of use