About the activities

Example IDEAs card: Minute PaperIDEA-Cards-UCL-09-06-21-CC-BY-SA

These IDEAs have been developed to help staff with designing digital assessment and feedbackThe activities are categorised into two overarching groups focused on their short or longer term nature:   

    • Group 1quick on the fly activities to check understanding and foster engagement;  
    • Group 2activities that can be embedded and developed throughout a module. 

To facilitate consultation, the activities are also categorised (tagged) based on their pedagogical aims. These tags run across the 2 groups and are listed in the Categories box found throughout the site – click on a category to see all the relevant resources.


Each IDEA has been presented as a blog post on the following page and take the following structure:

  • Why use it (students and staff)
  • When to use it
  • Digital tools that might be used
  • Speed of set-up time
  • Workload
  • Other resources
  • Exaples of staff use

Each IDEA is labelled with both the Group and the pedagogical aim tag(s) making them searchable.


  • Assessment Literacy 
  • Peer Feedback / Learn how to give and receive feedback  
  • Collaboration/Collaborative Learning 
  • Self-assessment 
  • Reflection and/or Revision 
  • Monitoring Progress/Check Understanding 
  • Engagement 
  • Developing confidence 
  • Developing Learning Skills 
  • Next Steps