Case study: Interactive video


Case study contributed by Marcus Pedersen, Learning Technologist, and Hannah Timlin, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital and Institute of Ophthalmology



We empowered students to develop their own interactive video after seeing the success of the consultant’s interactive video amongst the students. From research it is known that video is a great tool at increasing student understanding and engagement.

Interactive video allows one to layer the video with material, turning a finite resource into an infinite resource. Hence we thought that using interactive video would only improve on the use of video. Little did we know how much the students would want to interact with interactive video.

This video explains in more detail (content warning: scenes of surgery).

Video has been proven to increase the confidence, understanding and self-efficacy of students. Hence, we believe that layering video would only develop this further. It seems we were right…

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How: It requires someone who can navigate Moodle and someone with in-depth medical knowledge.

When: This activity can be run at any time and can be expanded to other classes it is not only useful for Ophthalmology.

Resources needed: Medical videos.

Workload: 1hr for every 10min of footage.