Sound advice


Tim Neumann, a man in headphones and black mask talks into and points at a microphone on a boom

Tim Neumann getting angry with the mic

Tim Neumann has a reputation for taking (amongst many things) ‘sound’ very seriously. On Zoom he has the most impressive mic, for example. I was keen to get him in to the studio we set up to tap him up about all the settings on the Rodecaster Pro we bought. We decided to switch on the system while we chatted even though I was a bit throaty and the expert set about schooling this amateur in a bunch of things about sound related to settings that are adjustable on the podcasting system we have. In here you can hear about: Compression, pumping, phantom power, de-esser, dynamic volume regulation, high pass filter, noise gate, aural exciter, big bottom and flutter echo. 

Screen on the Rodecaster Pro showing level meter and a 'phantom power' switch set to 'off'

Phantom Power Switch

A touch screen showing various audio processing ooptions: compressor, de-esser, high pass filter, noise gate, aural exciter, big bottom and processing

Various sound options all switched on- wisely it seems.

The Rodecaster system is a black base unit approximately 40cm wide with 8 audio sliders, 8 light up effect buttons on the right and a touch screen menu. Wirese protrude from the rear.

The Rodecaster Pro

The corner of a room as seen from behind a mic boom- the corner ios the join of a wall and glass panels

The offensive glass wall