Evangelos Himonides, Professor of Technology, Music and Education and founder member of ReMAP’s origins as DARE, is associate researcher for the Sound Voice project.

The project describes its work in these words: “We bring together people with lived experience of voice loss – those affected by motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s and laryngectomies, with world class artists, biomedical researchers, technologists and healthcare professionals to explore the voice. These are unique opportunities for discussion and shared understanding, bridging the disconnect between the performing arts, science and healthcare. Audiences are introduced to biomedical research, and research teams connect with the people they work to help in new and unusual ways.”

The project creates new artworks, collaborates with artists and performance venues, and develops innovative approaches to assistive technologies, performance roles, and performance space.

Evangelos is currently working for the Sound Voice project on a novel technology that allows voice recorded responses onto online survey instruments, which he calls “ScriptaVox”, thus enabling project participants to respond in a quiet/controlled environment. Future posts will report on developments.

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