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The benefits and challenges of designing programmes
Simon Walker with Sandra Lusk; Silvia Coliaicomo, Anne Preston, Martin Compton (Arena/VP education) 10 minute talk To support the development of new programmes at UCL East and the recommendations of the 2020 PGT review, UCL is piloting a holistic a (More)
Lessons Learned from Over 600 Hours of Online Teaching of Short Courses
Dr. Catalina Suarez-Rivera with Dr. Eirini Koutoumanou; Dr. Dean Langan; Dr. Chibueze Ogbonnaya (contributions from Prof. Angie Wade Population, Policy and Practice Research and Teaching Department) 10 minute talk The UCL Centre for Applied Statist (More)
Disruptive thinking in assessment
Simon Walker with Steve Rowett (contributions from Eliot Hoving, Joanne Moles, Sabina Lamstaes) (VP Education)45 minute discussion 2020 has accelerated the pace of educational change, some of which will persist. Whilst moving assessment online was a (More)
Closing the feedback gap: a dual pronged approach
Jane Simmonds with Peasey, Anne, Mike Rowson (GOS ICH) 10 minute talk Feedback is inseparable from the learning process, and is integral to theories of learning. Feedback should help students to: understand their performance, perform to a higher st (More)
In Search of Fun and Games
Ellie Bates, Janina Dewitz, David Perez-Suarez, Tom Olney with Ellie Bates, Janina Dewitz, Tom Olney, David Perez-Suarez (contributions from Kitty Ho) (cross-UCL collaboration)45 minute discussion During this session we will present three case stud (More)
Experience of supporting Personal Tutees remotely in 2020/21’
Peter Fitch with Pippa Bark-Williams (CHIME), Daniel Verscharen (Space and Climate Physics), Emma Kelley (Medical School), Karen Scott (Laws)45 minute discussion We bring together a group personal tutors from different UCL faculties to share their ex (More)
Online Assessments at UCL Medical School
Dr Gil Myers with Alison Sturrock, Victoria Clausen-Thue, Paula Raftery, Taylor Bennie: (UCL Medical School) 10 minute talk Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in academic year 19/20, we were unable to run practical assessments and could only hold remot (More)
Discover UCL Summer School for year 11 and 12 deaf students: Lessons from 2020
Manjula Patrick with Natasha Wilcock, On Ki Choi, Amy York/Jennifer Whitney (DCAL)45 minute discussion In 2020, a 3-day residential event transformed to a remote experience. Asynchronous content delivered as a self-directed ‘short course’, with live (More)
Learning Together: Creating Student Online Community
Sinead Harmey with Amanda Ince, Bin Guo Shira Salomon Lider (Learning and Leadership)45 minute discussion In this session we will provide participants with a brief overview our ongoing UCL Changemakers project from the perspective of both staff and s (More)
Student Wellbeing Questionnaires – a proactive approach to supporting students
Stefanie Anyadi with Kathryn Ball (Division of Psychology and Language Sciences) 10 minute talk We will report on two different versions of student wellbeing questionnaires, which were piloted in Biosciences and in Psychology and Language Sciences (More)
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