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Designing and developing e-portfolios in Reflect
Ellie Bates (contributions from Adam Phillips) (Policy and Practice, School of Pharmacy)Asynchronous Submission The presentation will explore the design and development of e-portfolios for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the School of Phar (More)
Disruptive thinking in assessment
Simon Walker with Steve Rowett (contributions from Eliot Hoving, Joanne Moles, Sabina Lamstaes) (VP Education)45 minute discussion 2020 has accelerated the pace of educational change, some of which will persist. Whilst moving assessment online was a (More)
Closing the feedback gap: a dual pronged approach
Jane Simmonds with Peasey, Anne, Mike Rowson (GOS ICH) 10 minute talk Feedback is inseparable from the learning process, and is integral to theories of learning. Feedback should help students to: understand their performance, perform to a higher st (More)
Teaching practical classes during a pandemic: how do we support students remotely?
Dr Asma Buanz with Dr Maryam Parhizkar (contributions from Mrs Isabel Goncalves (Department of Pharmaceutics, UCL School of Pharmacy )10 minute talk An important aspect of Pharmacy degree is practical skills in Pharmaceutics. We deliver practical cla (More)
Modern Language Learning in times of the Pandemic
Ulrich Tiedau (SELCS)5 minute talk In this presentation, Connected Learning Leads will present a selection of interesting case studies from across the School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS) and the Centre for Multidisciplinary and (More)
Maximising student engagement through a novel interactive assessment
Mark Kristiansen (contributions from Paola Niola) (Genetics and Genomic Medicine, GOSICH)5 minute talk This presentation will focus on how the use of a creative interactive assessment enhances student participation and engagement throughout the modul (More)
Innovative assessment and students collaboration in online classroom
Silvia Dal Bianco with Chiara Amini, SSEES, (Economics)5 minute talk The pedagogical literature has demonstrated that an assessment strategy entirely based on examination might be biased towards particular learning styles (Jenkins et al., 2019). More (More)
The use of video and audio feedback in the assessment of post-graduate coursework.
Samir Nuseibeh (Biochemical Engineering)10 minute talk Traditionally, one of the main areas of complaint from student cohorts is the quality of feedback they receive on their coursework with many suggesting that written feedback is often meaningless (More)
Moving Teaching Online: what worked, what didn’t work and what to do next
Chris Evans with Fjorda Kazaziazazi (UCLIC)5 minute talk In February 2021, the Department of Computer Science evaluated the impact on students of its move to online learning. This session will present the results of a survey of undergraduate and post (More)
Online Assessments at UCL Medical School
Dr Gil Myers with Alison Sturrock, Victoria Clausen-Thue, Paula Raftery, Taylor Bennie: (UCL Medical School) 10 minute talk Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in academic year 19/20, we were unable to run practical assessments and could only hold remot (More)
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