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4. Fixity
What exactly is fixity? Time to explore this in detail:   File fixity, and associated digital forensics, has been a tricky technical point for me to grasp. It requires a lot of extra research as it involves different aspects and tools, but (More)
How JaFar should I go? Python project introduction
Fantasmic - Disney MGM - Jafar snake. Copyright More)
What I Kaa-ried out
Kaa and Mowgli from The Jungle Book. Coloured and clipped by More)
Looking back...
  Now that I've worked through the imaging and storage process, it's time to look back over the project and reflect on what I have learned. My goals for the project were to design a floppy disk imaging and storage workflow for use at m (More)
4. Packaging and storage
  The disk image and its associated metadata files now need to be transferred to archival storage without altering the data in the process. The More)
3. Examining the data
  Once a disk image has been acquired and More)