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Helping students help each other: Using Slack to build online community
Kate Roll (Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose) Asynchronous Submission For the last two years IIPP has used the online sharing platform, Slack, as an 'virtual common room' and informal meeting place for MPA students and faculty. It has (More)
IDEAs (Inspirations for Digital Engagement Activities)
Silvia Colaiacomo, Leo Havemann, Sam Ahern, Tim Neumann, Abbi Shaw (contributions from Simon Walker, Clive Young, Alex Mihai) (UCL Arena and Digital Education) 10 minute talk This session introduces IDEAs (Inspirations for digital engagement ac (More)
The UCL Medical School Curriculum Map: A Staff-Student Collaboration
Daniel Ntuiabane with Dr Faye Gishen (UCL Medical School)Asynchronous Submission Whole programme curriculum maps are uncommon in undergraduate medicine, partly due to the theoretical complexity of defining 'curriculum'. We co-created a novel electron (More)
Benefits of joining the Student Health and Wellbeing Community of Practice
Mitesh Vagadia (Student Support and Wellbeing)5 minute talk The Student Health and Wellbeing (SHW) Community of Practice (CoP) is sponsored by the Registrar and Director of Student Support and Wellbeing and has two leads Mitesh Vagadia – Head of Stud (More)
The benefits and challenges of designing programmes
Simon Walker with Sandra Lusk; Silvia Coliaicomo, Anne Preston, Martin Compton (Arena/VP education) 10 minute talk To support the development of new programmes at UCL East and the recommendations of the 2020 PGT review, UCL is piloting a holistic a (More)
Identifying problems and empowering students to find solutions through reflective writing tasks in a STEM undergraduate program
Martina Wicklein (Department of Neuoscience, Physiology and Pharmacolgy)10 minute talk In the neuroscience degree program, a number of first-year students reported feeling overwhelmed and stressed because of remote learning and on online teaching. Th (More)
Online and Hybrid Chemistry Workshops: Promoting Collaborative Problem Solving and Peer-to-Peer Learning
J. L. Kiappes (Chemistry)10 minute talk From the perspectives of students, introductory courses, focusing on core concepts and problem-solving approaches, can feel disconnected from the global challenges and fundamental questions that inspired them t (More)
Collaborative research with student interns during the covid-19 pandemic
Abbie King with Jesper Hansen (UCL Arena Centre); Gift Kalua (UG Student), Alex Drijver-Ludlam (PG student)Asynchronous Submission This presentation will draw on the reflections of two members of staff from the UCL Arena Centre and two students worki (More)
In Search of Fun and Games
Ellie Bates, Janina Dewitz, David Perez-Suarez, Tom Olney with Ellie Bates, Janina Dewitz, Tom Olney, David Perez-Suarez (contributions from Kitty Ho) (cross-UCL collaboration)45 minute discussion During this session we will present three case stud (More)
Automated, collaborative, receptive and interactive: a data generation exercise for teaching statistics
Dean Langan (Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health)10 minute talk Students find it easier to engage when presented with examples from a familiar subject area. However, when teaching students of varying professional backgrounds, finding relata (More)
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