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Alzheimer's disease, microglia and essay writing
The Nervous System & Neurological Diseases (MEDC0012) was one of the most challenging modules of Year 2, both in terms of content and assessment. The coursework consisted of a 1500-word essay which was definitely a level up compared to Year 1. We (More)
Spotlight on Tamoxifen
Pharmacology and Drug Action (MEDC0013) was one of my  favourite modules of Year 2. I really enjoyed going over the physiology learnt in Year 1 and applying this knowledge to understand the mechanism of action of many important drugs which I had only (More)
Fibrosis & discussion writing
The Cell and Molecular Biology module (MEDC0107) has given me a detailed background in cell signalling, organisation, replication and more: understanding of these and many other cell processes is key, especially when considering a biomedical research (More)
Presenting lab techniques
At the start of Year 2 I was looking forward to studying Techniques in Molecular Medicine (MEDC0011). I was expecting to develop some basic lab skills and gain relevant knowledge to further comprehend the “methods section” when reading research artic (More)
Kidneys, hormones & posters
When I applied to MSci Applied Medical Sciences I hoped this course would lead me to the research world. I became certain of this since my first term at UCL, when we were asked to create a poster for the Kidneys, Hormones and Fluid Balance module (ME (More)
Heart, lungs & the art of summarising
I enjoyed the module cardiovascular and respiratory function in health and disease (MEDC0002). I had a foundation in physiology from secondary school and I was eager to expand my knowledge, also on the main pathologies affecting the heart and lungs. (More)
Discovering the Immune System
One of my favourite modules in Year 1 was Infection, Inflammation and Repair (MEDC0005). Bacteria, viruses, parasites didn’t grab my attention, but I was fascinated by the complexity of the immune system: the coordinated response of our innate and ad (More)