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Migration for Digital Preservation
Surely there is no single strategy of digital preservation. Still, migration remains the most commonly employed strategy of preserving file formats. As we have seen in previous entries, (More)
The validation processes of Jpylyzer
https://dpconline.org/events/digital-preservation-awards/dpa-2014-jpylyzer-a-jp2-validator-and-ex (More)
The Foundation History of Jpylyzer
The Jpylyzer validator tool emerged as a result of several institutions’ preference for Jpeg 2 (More)
What is digital preservation and how are file formats related to it?
What is digital preservation? Why do we need to think about it? And how do file formats relate to it? More)
Migration vs. Emulation
Digital preservation is not only defined by migration. Another method of preservation, which is less known to outside the field, but still very impo (More)
The first steps in Jpylyzer
Migration of files is a common action that is frequently done when a file format does not open. The most common way that a regular user changes the file format of an image is through file format converters. Adobe provides useful options for document (More)