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3. Lifecycle Model in practice
Ingest   This is a basic workflow I designed following the DCC lifecycle and OAIS reference model (click on image to enlarge). I found some very useful workflow exa (More)
Droid - the future of appraisal?
To become familiar with Droid, I downloaded the National Archives guide for guidance. The installation was simple apart from being unsure how to un (More)
Appraisal of digital material within archival literature
As an introduction I analysed existing literature that exists regarding the appraisal of digital material. A key point that resonated is that digital appraisal is becoming more pivotal. In the past, this was not shared with the same enthusiasm as pap (More)
Concluding thoughts
I have hopefully shown throughout this project how my confidence has increased when dealing with digital material by attempting “to look under the hood of programmes” to gain a greater awareness of how some of these tools function. It is all about t (More)
Data Reports- are these just for Statisticians?
Whilst the graphical user interface in Droid is useful for data analysis, these are not as user friendly as converting the information into Excel. I wanted to investigate the reports generated though this interface to see if this data could be used t (More)
Patching up on my Excel skills
With my Excel skills patchy, I used a LinkedIn learning tutorial which was helpful in identifying tools in Excel which could be useful (More)