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A learning technologists perspective on digital education at the IoO
A blog logging the digital education events that unfold at IoO from a learning technologists perspective. Days, weeks, months even years (2020) disappear. Logging (More)
Happy New Year!
It certainly seems a bit hollow using the title above given all that many of us face in our world today. Whether you're affected by the pandemic, political, racial re-awakening, climate issue, etc., I can only hope that we are all nearing the end o (More)
Western Education? Is this a mere farce that developing countries hold to to stay tied to traditional patriarchal beliefs... (More)
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What are they? A tool to filter what your audience is interested in. (More)
Learning Blogging
blogging Let's Talk about this! Writing about my experiences in UK is something (More)
Master Conductor and the Sorcerer's Apprentice
In my most recent musings about the nature of teaching and learning on my morning commute I was thinking about my role as a teacher/trainer/instructor. This role is akin to that of the conductor of an orchestra. We chose the pieces, our curriculum (More)
First thoughts on research ideas
All participants in the education of school children are engaged in a continual search for improvement.  Teaching practitioners seek to master pedagogies, methodologies and technologies that will improve their practice and ultimately, they hope, bett (More)