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Reflections on Access to Justice for Transgender People in India
By Shivani Dewalla  Our arrival unto the world is marked by "their" presence. Marriages would be incomplete without "their" performances, "their" blessings. The halt at the traffic light is one of the most likely places to spot "them". But why is it (More)
The case for social and legal change for domestic work in India
By Madhulika The coronavirus pandemic has acted to highlight and exacerbate the failures in access to justice for domestic workers in India. The spread of Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdown measures implemented by the Government of India to contai (More)
Why India’s Constitutional Guarantee of Anti-Discrimination is Not Enough?
By Vatsal Patel India is perhaps the only country where the constitutional guarantee of non-discrimination is not backed by a comprehen (More)
Singapore High Court denies justice, again.
By Anmol Ratan In March 2020, the High Court of Singapore by the way of its decision in the case of Ong Ming Johnson v. Attorney-General and other (More)
‘The Model Minority’: a Hinderance to the Pursuit of Justice
By Debadrita Chakraborty  Indian immigrants fail to acknowledge their complicity in injustices both in India and America. Here’s why. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is here to stay. Catalysed by one of the most heinous racial homicide of (More)
Human Rights as a Western Construct: India as an Example
By Ila Tyagi LLM student, Ila Tyagi, argues against ‘universal human rights’ as they are typically understood, drawing from cultural relativist arguments and using India as an example.In many developing countries, human rights are often considered to (More)
What the UK can learn from Ireland’s ‘Direct Provision’ Controversy
By Conor Courtney Direct Provision is an Irish approach to asylum law which incorporates a series of rights, and constraints, placed upon asylum seekers. These restrictions are places on those who are living in Ireland, awaiting the decision as to (More)
Outlawing the Practice of 'Female Genital Mutilation' in Sudan: An advanced step towards preaching health as a Human Right
By Sahajveer Baweja Our guest contributor is currently a 3rd-year B.A.LL.B. student at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala, India.  Recently, Sudan has made a landmark move by amending its Criminal Code and penalising the archaic p (More)
How casteist is the Coronavirus pandemic? 
By Anmol Ratan  History bears testimony to the fact that unlike most of the world, India is not new to practice of social distancing. Maintaining social as well as physical distance has been historically entrenched in various form of isolation by (More)