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How JaFar should I go? Python project introduction
Fantasmic - Disney MGM - Jafar snake. Copyright More)
In order to become a fluent parselmouth...
My next points of research Bachcell at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https (More)
Am I more confident and believable than Sir Hiss?
Has the project built my confidence to have the skills to work in digital curation? Am I dangerous and if I warn you, will you believe me? More)
'Lake Placid vs Anaconda': Pitfalls for archivists to avoid
During my learning process I found I was prone to making errors and it was necessary to experiment. Here are some pitfalls for archivists to avoid when working with Python: Syntax and presentation: Indents are important and need to be consisten (More)
What I Kaa-ried out
Kaa and Mowgli from The Jungle Book. Coloured and clipped by More)
Harnessing python
This post will be slightly more theoretical, as I spend some time investigating the use of learning python. One of the reasons I used the Python for (More)
Developing python
I mentioned previously that EAD is now becoming less common. There are several reasons for this, including that it is time-intensive to create, a (More)
Directing python
Finally, we are now ready to start looking at ‘real’ documents. Python for Archivists uses EAD as its first example. EAD (Encoded Archival Descri (More)
Taming python
All of the examples in the previous post are possible with some knowledge of python, but they all involve opening and closing files, so this is next (More)
Writing python
With Python for Archivists, you start using scripts immediately. It is worth, at this point, including some pointers about what scripts are, and how (More)
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