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3. Lifecycle Model in practice
Ingest   This is a basic workflow I designed following the DCC lifecycle and OAIS reference model (click on image to enlarge). I found some very useful workflow exa (More)
Looking back...
  Now that I've worked through the imaging and storage process, it's time to look back over the project and reflect on what I have learned. My goals for the project were to design a floppy disk imaging and storage workflow for use at m (More)
1. Disk Imaging
  Disk imaging is a key step in many digital curation workflows. This post will examine what disk images are and how they are created. What is a disk image? A disk image is an exact, bit-for-bit copy of the data stored on removable medi (More)
4. Packaging and storage
  The disk image and its associated metadata files now need to be transferred to archival storage without altering the data in the process. The More)
3. Examining the data
  Once a disk image has been acquired and More)
Getting started
  Hello and welcome to my first post! This blog will document a project to create a digital curation workflow suitable for use at my place of work. But before we get started, what does that all mean? What is digital curation? 'Digital c (More)