This blog provides students with a platform to discuss and analyse global human rights issues from the past, present and future. In particular, we want to highlight how the rule of law transcends the legal sphere when considering it’s sociopolitical and economic implications. By raising awareness on the impact of the rule of law in practice, it is our hope that readers will recognise its integral role in achieving a stable democracy and therefore be inspired to promote it across all borders.

Content will be current and thorough, varying from news and investigations to opinion pieces. We will also share events concerning human rights around London.

Ultimately, this blog aims to encourage discussion and awareness of human rights. Our goal is to stimulate interest, thought and knowledge.

If you would like to get in touch with the Division or any of the writers on the blog, please email ucl.lwob@ucl.ac.uk or leave a comment below!

This division is run entirely by students at UCL. The views expressed on this blog are not a reflection of the views of the Lawyers Without Borders parent organisation, the UCL Centre for Access to Justice, or the UCL Faculty of Laws unless explicitly stated.

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