JLAP Event: Immigration in the Time of Brexit

On the 23rd of November, UCL JLAP held its first panel event of the year centred on immigration in the time of Brexit. Attended by over 25 participants, it was an engaging discussion that focused on the changes as a result of the immigration policy and the possible ramifications towards the humanitarian rights of asylum seekers. The guest speakers were Dr Ingrid Boccardi and Sheona York.

Dr Ingrid Boccardi is a Lecturer of EU Law at UCL Faculty of Laws. Her research areas mainly focus on the development of EU Migration Law and Policy, EU Citizenship, and Home and Justice Affairs. During the event, Ingrid commented on the surprising absence of radical changes in EU Asylum reforms. Interestingly, the current situation appears not to have deviated from the former policies introduced in accordance with EU law. The conclusion reached was thus that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

A solicitor in the Kent Law Clinic, Sheona spoke about her interest in research areas that concern the removability and statelessness of asylum seekers. Upon emphasising the potential of the EUSS principles in ameliorating the hostile environment of migrants, she ended with a powerful remark that calls for political acceptance of the long-standing reality that the vast number of unlawful migrants cannot be feasibly expelled.

Amidst the evolving political climate, the major overhaul of EU immigration law continues to engender impassioned academic debates. It was an honour for UCL JLAP to channel the speakers’ insights and the overall success of the panel event points towards more future collaborations.


Watch a recording of the event here

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