In Conversation with Dr. Tom Pegram: Global Governance and Human Rights

Marcell Balogh, Publications Executive of UCL JLAP

In the first instalment of our ‘In Conversation’ series, we had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Tom Pegram, an Associate Professor of Global Governance at the UCL Department of Political Science and the Deputy Director of the UCL Global Governance Institute. In our discussion, we touched upon the varying impact of global governance (e.g. intergovernmental organisations, treaties and conventions) on the alleviation of poverty and the protection of human rights. Furthermore, we talked about the threats posed to human rights by nationalistic trends around the globe. In light of the technocratic nature of global institutions, such as the UN and the EU and their lack of public accountability measures, they are susceptible to criticism and exploitation by national actors for political purposes, necessitating future reforms to prevent such exploitation. Lastly, Dr. Pegram elaborated on the importance of human rights education and future difficulties in the fight for human rights and the alleviation of poverty.  

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