Monthly Round-Up – Oct 2023

Introduction to Pro Bono Talk (Fresher’s only event)

Taruniga Thambiayah, Publications Editor and Contributor of the UCL Student Pro Bono Committee.

The “Introduction to Pro Bono Talk” event, collaboratively organised by the Student Pro Bono Committee and UCL Law Society, provided an exceptional opportunity for Freshers to explore the extensive landscape of pro bono possibilities at UCL. More than just acquainting themselves with the Student Pro Bono Committee, attendees were treated to engaging presentations by members of various student pro bono groups affiliated with the Centre for Access to Justice (CAJ). These included UCL Junior Lawyers Against Poverty, UCL Lawyers Without Borders, and UCL Amicus Chapter, each shedding light on their unique project initiatives and endeavours.

We were also privileged enough to receive a dedicated segment designed to offer invaluable insights into the art of crafting successful pro bono applications. Members from CAJ expertly guided attendees through the intricacies of application composition and emphasised why pursuing pro bono opportunities are beneficial during University and beyond.

Students seated at the Introduction to Pro Bono Event

Thank you to all who attended, the event witnessed a truly remarkable turnout. In combination with the subsequent Freshers’ Fair held later that week, we sincerely hope that a fresh wave of inspiration has been kindled among the latest cohort of freshers.

Pro-Bono Fair

Auhona Majumdar, Publications Editor and Contributor of the UCL Student Pro Bono Committee

After a series of successful introductory presentations, the UCL Centre for Access to Justice (CAJ) held the annual ‘Pro-Bono Fair.’ This event presented the vast and varying pro-bono opportunities available for students across all year groups to participate in. A number of student led pro-bono groups such as Junior Lawyers Against Poverty, Amicus and UCL Lawyers Without Boarders offered introductions to their individuals public interest projects.

An image of the banner at the Pro Bono Fair

Furthermore, numerous CAJ related and affiliated organisations such as the UCL Integrated Legal Advice Clinic (UCL iLAC), Sequentus and the Justice Gap, amongst others, were present and offered alternative insights into pro-bono careers and a means to participate in forms of active legal public interest work even as students.

We thank and extend our gratitude to everybody who ran stalls and offered their indispensable insight into the value of pro-bono opportunities and careers. The Fair’s turnout was truly inspiring and we have already begun to see highly positive outcomes from all the hard-work put into organising and hosting this event. Indeed, we are truly looking forward to seeing all the truly compelling projects this cohort of student-led and affiliated organisations bring over this year.

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