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This website presents collaborative projects between scholars from the Bartlett School of Planning and community groups and organisations in London. These include a toolkit for Community-Led Regeneration, which explores the tools that residents are using to contest top-down schemes and propose alternative community-led plans, the knowledge exchange platform Civic Design Exchange, and a training course for planners and other professionals working with communities: Civic Design CPD Course.

What We Do

We develop action research, knowledge exchange and teaching in collaboration with communities


When carrying out action research projects in collaboration with communities, we ensure that the outputs are helpful for them and that communities benefit from this collaboration.

Practical Toolkits for Communities and Planners

From our findings, we develop practical toolkits that communities and planners can use in community-led schemes.

Knowledge Exchange with Communities

We believe in knowledge exchange between communities and scholars. The Civic Design Exchange is a platform to facilitate this collaboration.

Work with communities in community-led planning

Through our Civic Design Exchange platform, we develop projects that can help communities propose their own scheme.

Train planners for working with communities

In our Civic Design CPD Course, taught at The Bartlett School of Planning, students learn methods for collaborating with communities and experience a direct collaboration with some of our community partners.

Who We Are

and we have collaborated with

We are scholars from The Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, working with various community groups and organisations in London. We have worked with the Just Space network and with other community groups in London, as well as with other international networks.

The toolkit Community-Led Regeneration has been developed by Pablo Sendra (UCL) and Daniel Fitzpatrick (UCL) in collaboration with Just Space. It has been published Open Access by UCL Press. This project was funded by a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant.

The Civic Design Exchange platform was set up by Pablo Sendra through the knowledge exchange project “Civic Design Exchange: Co-Designing Neighbourhoods with Communities”, funded by the Higher Education Innovation Fund (Research England). The researchers on this project were Irene Manzini Ceinar, Alice Devenyns and Cecilia Colombo. The community partner was Granville Community Kitchen and we also collaborated with William Dunbar and William Saville Residents’ Association.

The Civic Design CPD Course is an online course coordinated by Pablo Sendra, developed in collaboration with the CivicWise network and with various community groups in London. It started in 2018 and its creation was funded by the Bartlett Innovation Fund. So far, we have collaborated with Westway23, Friends of North Kensington Library, Save Wornington College, Granville Community Kitchen and William Dunbar and William Saville Residents’ Association. Just Space has also been involved in the delivery of the course.

Latest Projects


Civic Design Summer School in North Kensington

Community-Plan of a North-West London Estate

Contact us

We welcome comments on the content of the website or proposals for collaboration. If you would like to contact us, please email pablo.sendra [at] or use the form below.

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