Terrace Club


Staff lead: Frosso Pimenides
Student leads: Sammy Doublet, Tom Henly, Clive Burgess, Lola Wilson, Thomas Butterworth
Bartlett School of Architecture
The overall aim of the Terrace at 4pm was to challenge the conventional approach of architectural education within the Bartlett. Providing an informal space for all members of the Bartlett community, from facility staff to students to industry professionals, the conversations that took place were inspiring for all that engaged. Guest speakers involved a practicing architect, a staff member involved with book-binding, architecture, origami and other creative fields; and the Faculty Dean. All students who attended these lectures were fully engaged; learning what options were open to them; that architecture is not purely academic, and, crucially, that their futures don’t have to be linear.


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REACT: REconceptualising Architectural studio Crits and Teaching practice

The team
Staff: Maxwell Mutanda, Lecturer in Environmental and Spatial Equity, MAHUE
Lakshmi Priya Rajendran, Lecturer in Environmental and Spatial Equity, MAHUE
Lead Students: Jude Jabali, MAHUE [Chevening Scholar Palestine]
Ajmona Hoxha, MAHUE [Chevening Scholar Albania]
Bartlett School of Architecture
What happened?
REACT is a co-constructive dialogue series to be held within the MA Architecture and Historic Urban Environments (MAHUE) programme at the BSA. The project focuses on one of the most characteristic pedagogic activities in architectural education, the crit. The crit — a hallmark of architectural professional education delivery and the traditional culmination of a design studio — is the place where work is shared, critiqued, reviewed or developed and a foundation for students to develop critical design thinking. However, there is growing and legitimate criticism around how and why crits are undertaken, and the negative impact this is having on students and in particular female or Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) students (de Graft-Johnson, Manley and Greed 2003, CABE 2004). The project is student led and the main output of the project is creating a short film which captures and reflects on the student experiences during the crit session and how it transform the learning and teaching experience in MAHUE
What advice or encouragement would you give to someone thinking of doing a ChangeMakers project?
It is important to make sure the project is well advertised to encourage more involvement from faculty and student members.