Code Camp Rebooted: an interactive training and self-testing environment for first-time

The team
Staff/Lead: Dr. Jonathan Readers
Students: Peijun Xie, Sangbin Lee, Elika Sinha.
Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
What happened?
We tried to deploy a dynamic, engaging remote learning and self-testing environment that empowers students to acquire the fundamentals of programming in Python at their own pace outside of formally timetabled activities. First, we evaluated existing materials via a student-led consultation process; We made a questionnaire to collect students opinions about code camp, and then, based on the questionnaire, we organised 2 workshops to collect students suggestions about Code Camp. Second, our three try to map out the content, examples, forms, videos based on the suggestions we collected. Then, in the next step, we will draft examples, problems, questions, and answers for use in an online platform; We will also try to deliver at least three dynamic online lessons using the selected learning platform. We will then evaluate the impact on incoming student confidence and capabilities in order to undertake iterative improvement on an ongoing basis in the future.
What advice or encouragement would you give to someone thinking of doing a ChangeMakers project?
When you try to generate a project, try to think about how more people can benefit from your project.