A Series: Public Interest Careers Pt.3 (JLAP Interviews)

James Harper

Interviewed by Sahana Karthik

James is currently the Legal Director of Global Projects for LexisNexis, a prominent global provider of legal, government and business information sources. He is also the Executive Sponsor of their Rule of Law and Corporate Social Responsibility projects and has previously referred to the rule of law as being the ‘cornerstone’ of his career.

He has previously received training for mental health in the workplace and is a huge advocate of mental wellbeing amongst those in the corporate sphere. James works very closely with the International Law Book Facility on Rule of Law projects. 

He acknowledges and has previously personally experienced feelings of imposter syndrome (even as an established lawyer) and speaks to how he had tackled this issue. As he is a strong proponent of access to legal advice and education, he believes that students should develop this passion for the rule of law and involve themselves in such projects at university and further into their career.

Outside of his legal career, he is also an avid football player and an FA Level 1 Football Coach who trains his son’s football team.

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