A Series: Public Interest Careers Pt.4 (JLAP Interviews)

Nic Madge
Interviewed By Sahana Karthik and Majd Mansour 
His Honour Nic Madge started off his illustrious career as a human rights lawyer before transitioning into a more judicial role. He became a successful district judge before moving on to become a circuit judge, trying criminal cases that involved serious and highly emotional offences. As a judge, he became a member of the Judicial Studies Board as a senior judicial trainer, both in the UK and abroad.
He has given lectures on a range of legal topics all over the world, including at international conferences in France, Belgium and Ireland. He has trained judges in Malta and drafted legal guidelines for Rwanda. He also participated in Human Rights Missions to Ankara with Amnesty International and to Mexico with FIDH.

He has written and published extensively, including various books on Housing Law as well as contributing to multiple legal journals and national newspapers.
He is currently engaged in a Slynn Foundation programme which aims to support the Tanzanian judiciary to reform court procedures to increase their efficiency, where he designs and delivers courses to train judges and magistrates in Tanzania.
Outside of his legal career, His Honour Nic is extremely passionate about photography and travel writing. He recently completed an M.A in Documentary Photography and Photo-journalism at the University of the Arts, London. He has also previously published photo-books and has had solo exhibitions of his portraits/ street photography at the British Museum and the Swiss Cottage Gallery, as well as several joint exhibitions. He is currently working on a photo series titled ‘Pandemic Portraits’, which he describes as recording ‘the way in which we are surviving the pandemic’. Commenting on the series, he says: ‘I am taking photographs of people both wearing and not wearing their Covid-safety masks. I am asking everyone photographed to write a few words about the pandemic and how it has affected them. I am producing the portraits as digital diptychs – portraits of each person with and without a mask, side by side, with a short caption beneath. The portraits reflect the vitality and diversity of St Albans.’
To view the photos taken by him, you can visit his website: https://www.nicmadge.co.uk/PANDEMIC_PORTRAITS.php
or follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicmadge/

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