A Series: Public Interest Careers Pt.5 (JLAP Interviews)

Amanda Pinto 

Interviewed by Emilia Kechagia and Brendon Yik 

Amanda Pinto QC is an expert barrister in international financial wrongdoing, corporate crime, fraud, money laundering, and corruption cases with an international dimension. She was appointed a QC in 2006. She is highly ranked by directories in both’ Financial Crime: Corporates’ and ‘Financial Crime’.

Amanda’s clients range from large multi-national organisations and government agencies, small corporates, and company officers to individual private clients. Her advisory work involves problems in civil, criminal and regulatory contexts, money market and benchmark instruments, individual and sophisticated investor problems and collective investment schemes.

She is Chair of the International Committee of the Bar Council, a Recorder, a Bencher on the Executive Committee of Middle Temple. Amanda is a Trustee of The Slynn Foundation, which works to improve justice systems, the rule of law and understanding of human rights around the world. She also served as Chair of the Bar of England and Wales in 2020. Amanda is passionate about pro bono work and has undertaken a great deal of it (sometimes even outside her area of expertise). She is also committed to empowering women within the legal sphere and fostering feminism in the bar, and she encourages law students to undertake pro bono initiatives as well.

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