The Learning Technologists’ Tool consists of a number of resources. These resources have been developed by members of the Content Developers subgroup of the Anti-racism in Learning Technology ALT SIG. The aims of the sub-group were introduced in this April 2021 blog post.

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The tool will introduce ways of thinking about anti-racism through the lens of learning design processes that existing frameworks encompass. We aim for this to be a simple tool for reflection in considering ways to address anti-racist practices in your role generally. The tool can also be used to promote conversation across teams so as to engage colleagues with the idea of anti-racism in learning technology. The need for such a tool is particularly resonant for our profession as we, as learning technologists and learning designers, are often in the position of working with course material ‘owned’ by academics or others who are in a visible or recognisable teaching capacity.

We reference existing related frameworks and toolkits which were written for and presented within for a broader academic context. Examples include the Decolonising the Curriculum Toolkit developed by our colleague and group member Dr Monica Chavez Munoz and Dr Tya Asgari at University of Liverpool, the Decolonising SOAS Learning and Teaching Toolkit and the Decolonising Pedagogy and Curriculum strand at University of the Arts London. We will also reference the work of bell hooks and Ruha Benjamin as important theorists who address the issue of race and technology.

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Learning Technologists’ Anti-Racism Tool by Samantha Ahern, Alistair Cooper, Coco Nijhoff is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0