The Programme Development team in the Arena Centre (UCL Education and Student Experience) can assist you in the development of new programmes and the design of modules, as well as the review and redesign of current ones.

Through our custom workshops and guidance, we can support the development of initial concepts and preparation for the Programme and Module Approval Process (PMAP). Our approach throughout focuses on providing a rich and cohesive student experience across programmes, and prior to PMAP we can arrange Student Quality Reviews to ensure the student viewpoint is included prior to submission. These short sessions have proved to be both effective and timely. After approval, our ABC workshops take your designs to the next level. Programme teams storyboard the sequence and combination of activities across modules and build in assessment and feedback.

The Programme Development unit can advise on new UCL guidance and recommendations that can add value to the design process, such as assessment visualisation, activity design, blended modes, employability and sustainability. Academic colleagues across UCL have already discovered that this targeted approach helps to clarify the design of programmes and integrate learner outcomes, student activities and assessment strategies. Our approach works equally well with existing programmes and modules.

Please contact the Programme Development team at [contact] to explore how we can assist. You may wish to book your team into one of one of our popular workshops

Programme Design workshop: A tailored workshop to facilitate early discussion between members of the programme team and designed as one of a number of activities that can enable writing PMAP documentation.

Book a Programme Design Workshop

ABC workshop: A fast paced workshop that brings module and programme teams together to storyboard modules, discussing activities and assessment and other themes. Allows for a rich and innovative ‘whole programme’ (re)review of the student experience.

Book an ABC Workshop

Programme Review: Our approach works equally well with existing programmes and modules. Contact the team to discuss.

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