‘Critical Medicine’ Teaching Series: a DtMC x EDI collaboration

The team

Student team: Tina Plowman (Year 6) – lead

Support students: Davina Puri (Year 5), Anjana Narasimhan (Year 4), Lauren Pereira-Greene (Year 2), Anaiya Kaka (Year 2), Srishti Agarwal (Year 4), Shem Braithwaite (Year 3).

Staff team: Lois Haruna-Cooper, Jayne Kavanagh, Sarah Wong (FY1, honorary teaching fellow).

UCL Medical School
What happened?
We received UCL Changemaker’s funding to run our Critical Medicine Workshop Series, a second collaboration between Decolonising the Medical Curriculum working group and the UCLMS EDI Committee. This was designed to be a free series of interactive workshops open to all UCL Medical Students. The topics ranged from Psychiatry, with our workshop on at St Pancras hospital to the History of Medicine with a tour by one of the curators of the new History of Medicine exhibition at the Science Museum. The overall aim was to develop critical thinking skills applicable to medicine in both theory and practice. Having a critical consciousness enables students to recognise inequality and power structures within healthcare, much like wider society, and through these workshops we had discussions on directions for the future of medicine (and us medical students) to work towards health equity. We got feedback via forms and also by video – so watch this space for the final report and summary video clip!
For more information, find us on:
FB – Critical Medicine: https://www.facebook.com/criticalmedicine
FB – Decolonising the Medical Curriculum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/decolonisingmed
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DecolonisingMed WordPress: https://decolonisingthemedicalcurriculum.wordpress.com
What advice or encouragement would you give to someone thinking of doing a ChangeMakers project?
– The project might turn out different from how you planned but time management is the key – have a structure and timeline with milestones to track your progress and also recognise when to wrap up! – Keep in contact with the Changemaker’s team and faculty for advice and support – even if it is just to let them know everything is going well!

Fiona A Wilkie

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