Curriculum and Assessment in English: A Better Plan

This proposal for an alternative curriculum for English, Media and Drama consists of two books: Curriculum and Assessment in English 3 to 11: A Better Plan and Curriculum and Assessment in English 11 to 19: A Better Plan, published by Routledge in collaboration with UKLA. These books are condensed and updated versions of the contents of the ten booklets published by UKLA and Owen Education in 2015 under the series title English, Language and Literacy 3 to 19: Principles and Proposals.

The authors are John Richmond, Andrew Burn, Peter Dougill, Angela Goddard, Mike Raleigh, and Peter Traves.

The project, led and co-ordinated by John Richmond, has aimed to

– restate some fundamentals about how children and young people can most successfully be helped to acquire a confident control of English during their schooling;

– offer a robust critique of aspects of government legislation in England in the area of curriculum and assessment in English 3 to 19, where that legislation is inadequate or wrong;

– offer detailed, practical, educationally better alternatives for curriculum and assessment in English 3 to 19.

Here are the direct links (two options in each case) to the two books, for purchase options. or or

Free review copies may be obtained from the publisher at

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